We have made a commitment to develop sustainable industry and strong communities for generations to come.


Our vision is to have a positive impact on our community, economy and environment by openly engaging our employees and stakeholders and delivering on our commitments. Our key values of Change, Family and Sustainability guide how we think about our role in the community, how we can enable change and the way in which we do this to achieve a sustainable future.

Local community support, sponsorship and events

Through the GFG Alliance Community Support and Sponsorship Program we provide investment in the communities in which we operate through financial and in-kind support.

We seek to invest in and contribute to the empowerment and development of communities.

Our community program is underpinned by 6 key drivers:

  1. Active communication with our communities and stakeholders
  2. Proactive engagement and credible complaint management
  3. Category-based support programs based on needs
  4. Being an engaged and positive member of regional communities
  5. Engaged and respectful relationships with traditional owners
  6. Responsible and engaged relationships with landholders.

The Program has been operating for over 20 years and over that time has established a number of long-term partnerships and funding arrangements resulting in meaningful outcomes in our communities. Some examples of these partnerships include Foodbank SA, The Smith Family and Whyalla Christmas Pageant and Carols events.

Our program also considers non-financial ways to be of service to the communities in which we operate on a case by case basis.  This can include the donation of materials with applications assessed on merit and quantum.

The communities in which sponsorship and support can be applied for include Whyalla, Ardrossan and Iron Knob.

Whyalla Food Hub

We’re proud to be a sponsor of the Whyalla Food Hub – a service set up to help those struggling to put food on the table in the Whyalla region.

GFG Alliance sponsors the school breakfast, and is the Whyalla Food Hub’s fruit and vegetable sponsor.

READ the story about Whyalla Food Hub launch

Christmas Pagaent

GFG is the major sponsoor of the ongoing Whyalla Christmas Pagaent and Carols in the Park.

GFG has also been a past supporter of the uneARTh Fringe Festival in Whyalla, an extension of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

WATCH a video of the 2018 Whyalla Christmas Pageant celebration


Take a look at our guidelines, access application forms and learn more about our Community Sponsorship and Support program.


Stakeholder engagement

We engage with the local community in several ways through presentations, forums and briefings to groups, “community chat” days, personal visits and face to face conversations.

Our approach is to share information on our operations, our opportunities, and our challenges and to treat our stakeholders as valued partners.

Environment Consultation Group

The Whyalla based Environment Consultation Group (ECG) is a valued community reference group made up with members representing the community, local business, Whyalla City Council, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Natural Resources Management and currently chaired by state MP Mr Eddie Hughes.  The group meets quarterly and is a long standing and mature group that provides open and honest feedback to the operators of the Whyalla Steelworks and mining in the Middleback Ranges.  GFG facilitates the group but other industry in the region are also able to provide information to the group or seek feedback.

Indigenous relationships

First Nations peoples are recognised and respected as important partners and stakeholders, and part of GFG’s extended family. GFG seeks to create opportunities for Aboriginal people to engage, develop and build a shared, sustainable future.

Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)

We acknowledge the Barngarla people as traditional custodians of our land and give thanks for its use. Our formal engagement with the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation (BDAC) is underpinned by an agreed ILUA which guides the way development of mining is undertaken in the Middleback Ranges. We keep the BDAC Board informed of planned development to ensure awareness and understanding of GFG’s activities and future direction is well understood.

WALGA Mining

GFG Alliance Whyalla Walga banner

Walga Mining is an Indigenous owned business which has had a long-standing contract to process iron ore at GFG’s Iron Knob Mining Area.

Read about our partnership with WALGA

Cultural Heritage

Protection of Aboriginal heritage is an important part of responsible land stewardship. We have protocols in place with the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate.

Learn more about these protocols on our Environment page

GFG Foundation

The GFG Foundation (Australia) was launched in Whyalla in 2019. It is a subsidiary of the GFG Foundation charity, launched in the UK in 2017.

The Foundation aims to empower and enable young people in need to reach their potential, and set them up to seek, gain and remain in employment by:

    • encouraging young people to enter and engage in education and training.
    • providing opportunities for young people to develop their skills.

The Foundation has continued to expand its programmes operating in Whyalla over the past four years.

Learn more about the GFG Foundation (Australia)

Port Adelaide Football Club

The partnership with the Port Adelaide Football Club (PAFC) is not a corporate sponsorship, but an investment by the Gupta family in a partnership to give back and contribute to community development.

Through this relationship, PAFC and GFG work together to develop programs for young people in regional areas of Australia, like Whyalla, to develop sustainable industry and strong communities for generations to come.

Since the partnership launch in 2019, the PAFC team have completed a number of school visits and conducted community camps, along with running their successful STEM program. The team provides young people with expert advice on the importance of nutrition, exercise and leading a balanced healthy life.

Learn more about how the PAFC sponsorship is benefiting Whyalla

Donated steel

Whyalla Jetty

We donated about $300,000 of steel to the Whyalla City Council’s Jetty project, which was completed in September 2020. The jetty stretches 165m from the shore and features steel that was recycled from scrap steel taken from the original jetty.

The original jetty, built in the 1970s, used steel that was manufactured from our steelworks.

The circular design of the jetty itself is a fitting nod to the circular, recyclable nature of its structural material.

Take a look at the modern design of the Whyalla Jetty

Community Feedback or Questions

GFG sincerely values feedback and appreciates every opportunity to engage with our community. This may include positive feedback, or concerns, complaints or simply questions about any of our operations.  Our employees are members of the same communities, and we encourage residents to reach out to us with any questions or concerns so that we can provide more information on topics of interest.

For any community questions, concerns or feedback please contact our Community Support Team on:

Mobile: 0447 039 358

Email our Community Support Team