Our Whyalla Journey

We’re on a mission to transform our operations at Whyalla as part of our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30)

The Future: Whyalla GREENSTEEL Transformation

The innovative transformation program will see the current operations at the iconic Whyalla Steelworks evolve into a world leading ‘GREENSTEEL’ facility.

New facilities will help shape Whyalla into an environmentally friendly and globally competitive facility. The transition and use of magnetite iron-ore opens up the door-way to use low carbon steelmaking technologies.

To ensure a sustainable future steel must be at the heart of change. At LIBERTY we want to turn steelmaking – which is currently the biggest industrial carbon emitter – into one of the cleanest, low emission industries using advanced technology.

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The Present: Optimisation and Transition

While there is an exciting future ahead, the integrated Primary Steel and Mining team is working hard to optimise the current operations – implementing cost reductions, and efficiency improvements.

We recently announced a debt restructuring agreement for LIBERTY Primary Metals Australia which provides the clarity and stability for Whyalla’s integrated steelworks and mining operation.

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Continuous improvement stories

Transformation stories

This exciting plan will not only transform the Whyalla business into an internationally-competitive steel manufacturer, it will be our first primary steel plant to be transformed to GREENSTEEL, helping fulfil our ambition to become the world’s largest carbon-neutral steel producer by 2030.

Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman, GFG Alliance

The Past: Our history

The iconic Whyalla Steelworks has been the economic backbone of the region.

The almost exclusively residential workforce are passionate about their community and committed to the long-term viability of the Steelworks.

From its origins as a shipyard to current operations, the Whyalla Steelworks has a proud and rich history.

Check out the timeline below of some of our milestones.


  1. First blast furnace

    The first blast furnace was blown in at Whyalla, which in 1941 had a population of 5,000

    HMAS Whyalla

    The HMAS Whyalla was launched.

  2. Launch of Lake Illawarra

    This archival video shows the launch of Lake Illawarra from the Whyalla shipyards, along with aerial footage of Whyalla and Iron Monarch.

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  3. Official opening

    The Whyalla Steelworks was officially opened. Whyalla’s population in 1965 was 20,000.

    Saltbush to Steel

    Take a look at Whyalla’s integrated steelworks operations from the mid 1960s in this mini-documentary (13.40 mins)

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  4. Last ship

    The last ship to be launched from the Whyalla shipyards was the Iron Curtis, which was handed to owners. The population of Whyalla in 1978 was 33,832.

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  5. Whyalla Maritime Museum

    The HMAS Whyalla, which the Whyalla Council had purchased from owners in Victoria, found a new life as an inland museum. The Whyalla Maritime Museum opened in October 1988.

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  6. OneSteel

    The Whyalla Steelworks was spun out by BHP and renamed OneSteel.

  7. Voluntary Administration

    The company which owned the Whyalla Steelworks entered into voluntary administration.

  8. New owners

    GFG Alliance purchased the Whyalla Steelworks.

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  9. Transformation

    GFG Alliance released the first version of the Whyalla Transformation Plan. Whyalla’s population in 2018 was 21,828.

  10. Whyalla GREENSTEEL Transformation

    An updated Transformation Plan is released outlining the transformation of the Whyalla Steelworks to a world-leading GREENSTEEL facility.