Sustainability and space in spring clean

Continuous improvement > 22nd December, 2020
GFG Alliance Whyalla scrap yard

It happens to the best of us. If you live or work in one area for many years, you somehow accumulate a lot of stuff!

At the steelworks, over the decades, we’ve managed to hoard a fair amount of scrap metal in our lay yards. It’s a part that no longer works, an old piece of machinery, even some really outdated office equipment.

The team saw three really clear benefits to cleaning up the scrap yards:

  1. Give us more space and better access across the site
  2. Use some of the scrap in our BOS furnace, reducing the amount of scrap metal we need to purchase from external suppliers
  3. Recycle non-ferrous and any other scrap that isn’t suitable for our BOS

And that’s exactly what they did! The mammoth project saw us recycle 3,600 tons of scrap internally, and more that we were able to offload to our InfraBuild colleagues.

A big congratulations to all the teams involved, and a special mention to Brett Macdonald and Peter Heading.

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