Stemming truck haulage campaign

Community > 22nd February, 2022
SIMEC mining truck

SIMEC Mining will be undertaking two short trucking campaigns from Iron Baron to Iron Knob as part of the recommencement of mining operations at its Iron Monarch pit. 

The initial part of the campaign will see crushed aggregate (known as stemming) transported from SIMEC’s Iron Baron mine via Iron Baron Road and Lincoln Highway into Whyalla via Playford Avenue and Arthur Glennie Drive then onto Iron Knob Road through the township of Iron Knob via Farrell Terrace, Dickenson Street and Eyre Highway to the Iron Knob mine. 

About 1,500 tons will be transported during a three-day campaign which is planned to commence on Monday, 28 February 2022. The road transport is planned to operate with up to five trucks completing four round trips each day.

A second campaign is scheduled in the coming weeks to transport an additional 3,500 tonnes.  More information on this will be provided once finalised. 

All road users are asked to use extra caution and vigilance when travelling along the abovementioned roads throughout this period. 

The work will comply with strict environmental and safety conditions. Steps to minimize environmental and safety impacts include:

  • Fully covering all loads – whether fully‐loaded or empty
  • Transporting material with very low fugitive‐dust potential
  • Ensuring trucks travel in the right‐hand lane along Playford Avenue to minimise vehicle/pedestrian interactions at no more than 40kmh
  • Whilst travelling through the township trucks will travel no more than 50kmh
  • Suspending haulage under poor weather conditions
  • Regular inspections of roads at Iron Baron, Whyalla (Playford Avenue and Lincoln Highway) and Iron Knob where drag‐out could occur
  • Using an Environmental Management Plan and Fugitive Dust Ranking system
  • Restricting the use of air brakes with the townships of Whyalla and Iron Knob
  • trucks clearly numbered (rear tray or side of cab) to allow easy identification by members of the public in the event of any concerns
  • Only undertaking truck maintenance in designated areas

Additionally, the road transport along Iron Knob Road will not operate between 7.30am and 8.30am, and between 3.30pm and 4.30pm to avoid peak school bus periods. 

SIMEC Mining is mindful of minimizing impacts to residents in both Whyalla and Iron Knob during the campaigns and will keep the community informed.  However, anyone with any queries or concerns regarding the campaign are encouraged to contact our Community and Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Denise Sharp, on 0447 039 358.

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