Steelworks team take on Six Sigma Yellow Belt Workshop

Continuous improvement > 10th March, 2021

Improvement isn’t the only thing that’s continuous at Steelworks – it’s also the learning that never stops.

Six Sigma is a quality management methodology used for process improvement that works by helping businesses discover and eliminate variance or defects in the process. Processes with low variance are generally safer to operate, more capable of producing products with better quality, require less rework, and deliver a higher yield – all of which help to improve our customers’ satisfaction. With an emphasis on data, it encourages the team to define, measure, analyse, improve, and control the process moving forward.

The Continuous Improvement team wanted to make Six Sigma training available to the wider Steelworks team, and especially for new starters.

Working hand-in-hand with the Workplace Development team, they developed an ‘Applied Six Sigma Yellow Belt Workshop’.

The first workshop was hosted in February this year, with eight engineers taking part. It proved to be so well-received that a second workshop has already been scheduled already for March.

Here are some pics from the very happy, newly upskilled engineers and their facilitators, Shu and Graham.

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