Steelmaking Electrostatic Precipitator Outage – July 2022

Community > 8th July, 2022

GFG Alliance has experienced a partial failure of 1 of its 3 electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) – the equipment used to clean air discharges in the Steelmaking process – at the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking plant. The 2 remaining ESPs are operational, however there is an increased potential for stack emissions until the third ESP is returned to service. During this period, GFG Alliance will be working to balance the fume load between the two remaining precipitators to minimise these emissions.

The equipment manufacturer is mobilising to site to assess repair options and is expected to be onsite on the 11th of July. The timing of remedial works will then be developed and communicated.

In addition to the immediate remedial work, maintenance was already planned for all 3 ESPs from the 19th to 21st of July during a scheduled shutdown.

Should there be an increase in emissions, the impact is likely to be predominantly visual due to the height of the discharge stack and the distance to the community.

Anyone with any queries or concerns relating to these improvements, or any other aspect of the Steelworks’ environmental performance, is encouraged to contact GFG Alliance’s Community and Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Denise Sharp, on 0447 039 358.

For further information or media queries, please contact: Matt Johnston on 0438 294 377

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