Reshaping product defects

Continuous improvement > 22nd October, 2021

Reworking steel products that don’t meet our high-quality standards can have an adverse effect on our inventory levels and the amount of product ready for market.

Rework product may need end kinks removed, restraightening or re-stencilling and is considered one of seven wastes that Lean Manufacturing aims to eliminate, including transport, inventory, movement, waiting, overproduction, and overprocessing. Lean Manufacturing refers to the use of tools and other practices to eliminate waste, optimize processes, cut costs, and boost innovation – principles that the Whyalla Steelworks has adopted as part of its continuous improvement program.

To achieve our target of less than five per cent rework, the Shape Finishing End team of Anthony Grillett and Ethan Bilsteen turned their attention to improving product quality through the steel mill to reduce defects whilst rearranging manning in the rework area, and fully using forklifts.

With this renewed focus, the team reduced rework inventory by 1,300 tonnes in August, resulting in more products to market more quickly and improving our customer satisfaction rating.

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