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Potential Elevated Noise Levels

Wednesday 12 October to Sunday 16 October

Liberty Primary Steel wish to advise the community that between Wednesday 12th October and Sunday 16th October steam venting from high pressure pipework will take place in the area of the Whyalla Steelworks Power House.  This work is required as part of necessary periodic maintenance on the high-pressure pipework system for the plant.

There will be three (3) steam vents, and these will occur between Wednesday 12/10/2022 and Sunday 16/10/2022.  The main steam vents will last approximately 5 minutes with approximate 10-minute intervals between vents.

While the Power House is located over 2km from the community, depending on weather conditions these high pressure venting releases may be able to be heard and steam may be visible. The community is assured that these are planned events and the plant is operating as normal.   

For more information, please contact Denise Sharp, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Advisor on 0447 039 358

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