Pelletising plant annual cold shutdown

SIMEC Mining is undertaking maintenance of its Pelletising plant for its annual cold shut down

Aimed at improving the performance and reliability of the plant, the work will commence at 12:00pm on Saturday 13th August 2022 and is expected to take 35 days to complete.

The works, which involve approximately 350 contractors and employees, will allow maintenance to be undertaken in areas normally inaccessible due to heat.

This is part of our ongoing investment in magnetite ore processing to deliver improved plant reliability, efficiency and performance, while also delivering associated environmental benefits, including reduction in dust within the plant.

While the work will significantly improve the performance of the plant over the longer term, the shutdown may also result in:

short term increased emissions from the Pelletising plant when it first shuts down and again on restart – close controls are being put in place for this and it will be carefully managed

  • restart – close controls are being put in place for this and it will be carefully managed
  • the potential for an increase in noise from mobile equipment, including at night
  • additional traffic and vehicle parking in the McBryde Terrace area due to additional number of workers involved in the works.

As always, SIMEC Mining is committed to working with residents to minimise impacts on the community from its operations and appreciates feedback in these areas to assist in its continual improvement.

We also have an extensive COVID management program in place to ensure the ongoing safety of our workers and the broader community at all times.

If any residents would like any further information or have any feedback or concerns regarding any aspects of SIMEC’s operations, please contact Community and Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Denise Sharp, on 0447 039 358.

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