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Community > 14th September, 2022
GFG Alliance Whyalla Steelworks

BOS Duct Work Failure & Emissions

GFG Alliance has experienced damage to a section of its ductwork that feeds one of the three electrostatic precipitators that cleans the air flow from the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking plant. Repair works are being planned and at this stage it is anticipated this will be completed Tuesday and Wednesday 20-21 September 2022.

Until the repairs are completed on the ductwork there will be an increased potential for visible emissions from the stack. During this period, GFG Alliance will be working to balance the fume load between the two remaining precipitators to minimise visible discharge.

Given the height of the stack and that it is some distance from the community, any impact from an increase in emissions will likely be predominantly visual.

Anyone with any queries or concerns relating to this matter or any other aspect of the Steelworks’ environmental performance, is encouraged to contact GFG Alliance’s Community and Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Denise Sharp, on 0447 039 358.

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