Making the switch

Continuous improvement > 10th December, 2020
GFG Alliance Whyalla team

We’ve got an incredible history at Steelworks.

Walking around the site you can see evidence of so many impressive firsts and milestones. The flip side, of course, of being the first to do something is that you often end up having to pioneer a solution and later, as everyone else catches up, the solutions become far simpler and easier.

That’s the challenge some of our Electrical Engineers have been tackling. Often, they’ve been forced to modify electrical installations to accommodate old components or systems. It’s a time-consuming task, and while they’ve always met the challenge, the time spent hunting for unique parts can be immensely frustrating!

Late last year the team decided to make the switch and standardise with ‘off the shelf’ components, significantly reducing the variations of spares required in our inventory. They also wanted to modernise their work areas, ensuring all wiring and control panels are clearly identified, with operational light indicators and circuit drawings at each point of use – and really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

A big thanks to our champion Electrical team, especially Joel Howard-Bristow and Matthew Lawrence, pictured.

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