Maintenance to improve performance of ESPs at steelworks

Continuous improvement, Environment > 30th June, 2023

LIBERTY Primary Steel (LPS) will be conducting a major overhaul of one of its three electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) which clean the air flow from the steelworks’ Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS), during July this year.

The work is scheduled to start on 3 July with an estimated duration of 4 weeks.  During the maintenance period, the remaining 2 ESPs will be operational to treat the air flow from the process, though there may be an increase in emissions at times.

This campaign will also incorporate equipment improvements that have already been made to the other two ESP’s during their overhauls, resulting in improved performance and reliability.

In addition to the ESP overhaul, there will also be repairs done on ductwork which are expected to further improve the emissions performance.

Managing Director of LPS, Tony Swiericzuk said the outcome of the project was designed to reduce emissions going forward.

“The emissions may be more noticeable while this work is happening but based on our modelling there will be no direct impact on the community,” Tony said.

With the April announcement of a $500m GREENSTEEL and GREENIRON project to install an electric arc furnace (EAF) and direct reduction plant, this may be last significant overhaul work required on the precipitators as GFG Alliance continues its journey towards being carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30).

The EAF technology will deliver an expected 90% reduction in direct CO2 emissions compared with traditional blast furnace production and eliminate the need for the coal-fired coke ovens.

“We could hold off on doing this work on the precipitators and wait for EAF installation but our commitment to the community and the environment means that this investment is the right thing to do,” Tony said.

“We look forward to the EAFs reducing our carbon footprint and emissions enormously but until then we will be doing everything we can to maintain or improve our current standards.”

LPS will be liaising with the Environmental Protection Authority for the duration of the maintenance and will be monitoring emissions carefully. Anyone in the community with concerns can contact

Media enquiries to Kelly Fedor; Media and External Communications Manager – +61404003175

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