Community Update

29 November 2023

LIBERTY Primary Steel (LPS) is completing a re-start of hot metal production from its Whyalla Steelworks.

After 12 days under “hot idle”, or “live banking”, LPS is bringing the blast furnace back to steady, stable operations over coming weeks. This down period has allowed LPS to complete some important maintenance on several site assets on the steelworks including the billet caster, saltwater system and blast furnace gas holder.

During this restart period over several days there may be some emissions visible from the top of the blast furnace and equipment warning sirens may also be audible off-site. The community can be assured that these are planned events, the plant is operating as normal and there are no risks to the community or environment.

Anyone with any queries or concerns relating to this matter or any other aspect of the steelworks’ environmental performance, is encouraged to contact LPS via  or by phoning 0447 039 358. 

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