Vacation Student Program

What is the Vacation Student Program?

Think of it more like a mini-Graduate Program and nothing like shuffling paper and making coffee. During your 12 weeks with us, you’ll be involved in real projects that will take your university learning to the next level.

Beyond the immediate impact of your 12-week journey, this program is a stepping stone to future possibilities. Successful completion opens doors to the prospect of seamlessly transitioning into our Graduate Program. Additionally, as a Vacation Student, you’ll have the opportunity to build a professional network through your placement, connecting with experienced professionals and forging valuable connections for your future career.

Your stint as a Vacation Student lays the foundation for a continued journey with us, providing a pathway to further professional growth and a meaningful career in the dynamic realms of steel manufacturing, recycling, and processing and distribution. Join us not just for a summer stint, but as the first step towards a thriving future with GFG.

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