Working with us – our procurement approach

1. GFG Procurement Vision

GFG’s core values of Change, Family and Sustainability are reflected in our approach to procuring goods and services. We strive to deliver a smarter, more sustainable and viable future for industry and society. In line with this, we aim to mitigate adverse impacts to the environment and society while upholding economically viable business practices throughout our operations and supply chains.

We recognise that our suppliers play an important role in the success and sustainability of our operations and aspire to foster collaborative partnerships with our suppliers that are based on delivering maximum value to our business, our customers, and communities. We apply a continuous improvement mindset in all that we do, and seek out suppliers who, like us, strive to continually optimise their performance.

2. How we operate

Our supply chain is managed by the Mining and Primary Steel procurement team. This group is responsible for: working with our operational stakeholders to identify needs; initiating requests for goods and services; negotiating pricing and contracts; and managing supplier relationships.

We have a defined set of procedures for establishing, negotiating, awarding and managing contracts with suppliers, to ensure rigorous accountability across our operations.

(a) Procurement principles

We aim to balance the economic, social and environmental factors in all procurement activities, and seek to engage with suppliers who share our commitment under the following principles.

  • Health and SafetyWe are committed to pursuing a high standard of health and safety throughout our operations and strive for continual improvement of health and safety.
  • Value for Money – Our approach is based on Total Cost of Operations (TCO) to bring maximum value to our business
  • Open, Fair and Effective Competition – Our procurement activities foster a competitive and innovative business environment to drive opportunities
  • Delegations and Control – Appropriate governance followed to instil confidence as to the accountability and efficiency of procurement activities
  • Ethical Practices, Probity, Compliance and Professional Integrity – We will uphold a high standard in business conduct and ethical behaviour throughout our operations and supply chains.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – We consider the social and environmental impacts of our procurement activities.

(b) Modern Slavery Statement 2020

Our integrated Mining and Primary Steel business is committed to supporting the elimination of modern slavery in all its forms. We are continuously improving strategies to identify and mitigate modern slavery risks within our supply chain.

The 2020 GFG Alliance statement outlines the risk of modern slavery in the operations and supply chain of GFG’s Mining and Primary Steel businesses, the steps and processes implemented to respond and manage the identified risks.

Download Modern Slavery Statement

(c) GFG Supplier standards 

GFG Alliance’s Australian businesses aim to conduct business in a safe, responsible and equitable manner, in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and internationally recognised standards and consistent with our corporate values. We seek to engage in business with suppliers who share these values and adhere to the minimum requirements outlined in this Supplier Standard. We expect all suppliers to comply with reasonable Australian community standards of ethics and business practices.

Download GFG Supplier Standards

(d) Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions

As a responsible business, we have defined purchase terms and conditions for the suppliers of our goods and services.

View our Terms and Conditions

3. Becoming a supplier

Our supplier relationships extend from local operators through to international suppliers. This gives us the flexibility to match supplier solutions to our operational requirements while generating employment opportunities and economic benefits to the communities within which we operate.


MPS, as a member of the GFG Alliance, uses SAP Ariba to conduct all e-sourcing activities. SAP Ariba sourcing is free of charge for suppliers.

As an existing or potential supplier to MPS you may receive an invitation to participate in a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Auction.

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4. Supplier resources

We provide resources and access to key documentation to enable the safe and effective execution of work on our sites.

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