The Whyalla Steelworks

The Whyalla Steelworks is configured as an integrated steelmaking route that produces slabs, billets, hot rolled structural steel and rail products. Total production capacity at Whyalla Steelworks is 1.2 Mtpa of cast steel and 475 ktpa of hot rolled product.

It is the only Australian manufacturer of special grade billet and steel long products.

The business produces semi-finished steel billet and produces custom made hot rolled structural, rail and sleeper products to internal and external customers (~35% volume).

The almost exclusively residential workforce are passionate about their community and committed to the long-term viability of the Steelworks.

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Steelworks tour

Whyalla City Council runs regular tours of the Whyalla Steelworks.

You can hear the stories and see behind the scenes of more than 100 years of significant Australian iron and steelmaking history.

The tours include the blast furnace, coke ovens, reed beds, steelmaking and casting plant and the rolling mills, where structural steel, rail line and steel railway sleeper sections are made.

Visit the Whyalla City Council website to book a tour

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#1 steel supplier
to engineering, construction, residential and non-residential construction in Australia
Only manufacturer
of steel long products in Australia
1.2 Mtpa of cast steel and 475 ktpa of hot rolled product is the total production capacity at Whyalla Steelworks

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